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Traveling with Budget and Time Constraints

Travelers tend to visit three to four locations in a compressed period of time, typically 7 to 10 days, especially as a family or group, with the former likely to include small children and the elderly and the latter comprising multiple interests ranging from cultural to culinary, wellness and the environment. Similarly, business travelers need an efficient plan to meet their trip objectives.

Church Hill RichmondTravel Logistics

Traveling in one direction and not having to retrace your steps for example to board you return flight.

Anchoring your stays in strategic locations along the trip route, conveniently located to local points of interest, minimizing the number of accommodation changes, hence fewer times packing and unpacking as well as lower accommodations and transport costs.

Taking in sites, meals and other planned events in a hub and spoke fashion, saving time and money, but also an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the places and the people you are visiting.

Destinations rich in historic, cultural and culinary traditions: selected anchor locations from which you can best base your travel movements

Richmond Historic Canal WalkNortheast Atlantic

The Lehigh and Delaware River Valley are the ideal anchor location if your interests include New York City and the Hudson Valley, Philadelphia and South Central Pennsylvania.

For travel in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and North Carolina your anchors are Richmond, Fredericksburg and Manassas.


American South

Belle of LouisvilleLouisville is centrally located along the Ohio River and is one America’s most accessible cities within a day’s drive of more than half the nation’s population. Further South, a Texas Trail puts you within reach of the Southwest and southern PlainsMobile anchors Southeastern destinations.

Chicago River ferryMid America

Chicago is the starting point for the Historic Route 66 and the base from which you can reach the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa and journey to
Alton along the Great River Road or explore Mississippi River Towns. From South Dakota and Minnesota you can follow the route of the Empire Builder and explore the Northern Plains, Seattle, the US Northwest and the Rocky Mountains.

Wyoming dude ranchUS West

Lake Tahoe andSacramento connect you with attractions in Nevada, the Bay Area and Pacific Coast,
Carlsbad and Southern California as well as WyomingUtahColorado and Montana.


Logistics Locations Costs Time and Personalized Travel Solutions

Experiential Tourism

within Budget and with Time Constraints

Jackson Wyoming Stage CoachExperiences designed around multiple interests that ensure unique emotions; the traveler participates alongside local cooks, artists, craftsmen, and expert tour guides in activities:

o   rooted in the territory; it can happen only here, and

o   with uniquely local events, including food and wine tastings

o   specifically modified and tailored to your preferences

At Your Service to Help Reduce the Time and Cost of Your Next Travel Experience

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