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Small Town Main Street and Historic Districts Projects

Capitalizing Managing and Marketing Tourism and Environment Projects

The Successful Implementation of Projects in one or more local areas rests on a clear plan to develop and implement a commercial strategy as well as the identification and application of the capital and human resources required.

A Commercial Strategy with Economies of Scale Revenue Funding and Sharing

A Key Objective is to achieve some measure of economies of scale in small towns and rural communities through the application of a team effort across multiple communities that share in the marketing and sales effort as well as revenue generating and sharing.
Business Philosophy develop, fund and manage sustainable tourism, environmental and community economic development projects in selected communities in collaboration with local partners.
Mission create new sustainable wealth and economic opportunities in a community by:
Improving local knowledge and expertise,
Ensuring accountability and responsibility by participants,
Educating clients about our communities to ensure respect for local values and traditions,
Utilizing market forces to achieve economies of scale and purchasing power,
Developing markets for products and services,
Focusing on sustainable projects in tourism, energy efficiency and water resources,
Generating capital resources for small enterprises,
Partnering with local government to reach into a community,

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