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Integrated Water Systems in Small Towns and Rural Communities

Sustainable Solutions with Solar Water Pumps

By 2030 the world will need to produce 50 percent more for food and energy and 30 percent more fresh water. Solar pumps are a reliable technology which can compete with conventional pump technologies such as diesel pumping. Large amounts of energy are used in the entire water cycle.

Water Pumps Play a Major Role in all Water and Waste Water Processes

Smart Water Technology remote monitoring and control of water pipes and plants help reduce water distribution losses, improve smart energy use for water management and reduce maintenance costs.

Solar Pumps do not require fuel, are positioned close to demand, hence no distribution losses, require little maintenance, are air pollution free and do not require batteries as energy is stored in high level storage tank.

Rural Water Supplies hand-pumps are an efficient way to supply small communities up to 300 people; motorized pumps are needed to supply larger communities with water requirements above 24 m3/hour.

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