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Riding the Empire Builder Train

from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest Chicago St Paul Portland and Seattle

The Empire Builder travels daily between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest along major portions of the Lewis and Clark trail with views of the Mississippi River, the North Dakota plains, the Big Sky country in Montana and Glacier National Park. Seattle is reached via Spokane; alternatively, the train follows the Columbia River Gorge toward Portland.

The National Park Service and Amtrak Trails & Rails Promote Natural and Cultural Heritage

The Train Service runs in both directions and travel time is 45 hours at an average speed of 50 mph – 80 km/h. Inaugurated in 1929, the Empire Builder was named in honor of James J Hill and is the most popular long-distance train in the Amtrak system with 65% of operating costs covered by fare revenue. Ridership is nearly 500 thousand passengers/year.

Bike Racks are Installed Aboard the Empire Builder

Recommended Town Visits and Stopovers

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