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Smart Trip Planning

Logistics Locations Costs Time and Personalized Travel Solutions

Most Travelers to Europe and North America tend to visit three to four metropolitan areas in a compressed period of time, typically 7 to 10 days, especially when traveling as a family or group, with the former likely to include small children and the elderly and the latter comprising multiple interests ranging from cultural to culinary, wellness and the environment. Similarly, business travelers are in need of an efficient plan to meet their trip objectives.

Delaware River WaterfrontLogistics the success of a business trip or vacation rests largely on the proper management of logistical issues; how to get to a place and how to get around once you are there are the keys to staying within budget while visiting all the places planned along your route.

Locations and knowledge of the territory implies know how in the communities you are visiting as well as up to date information on issues ranging from the weather to road traffic flows on a particular day and time of day to potential strikes and other stoppages by public transit providers.

Costs many travelers are limited by cost considerations in the planning of their trip. The allocation of funds for accommodations, meals, sightseeing and transfer costs is another key element to successful trip planning and, once the traveling client’s preferences in these areas are defined, it is the task of the travel planner to negotiate, allocate and manage these line item costs.

Church Hill Richmondthe less time in transit the more time on your vacation the less stressful your trip

Time in many ways time management is the most important element in trip planning. Factors ranging from time zone differences, best times of the day and mode of transport for travel from point A to point B, accommodations check in/out, excursions, events and meeting times must be accounted for in organizing schedules.

Personalized logistics, location(s), cost and time issues defined in the context of agreed upon client choices, trip preferences can be factored in, ranging from accommodation type and location, the mix of private and public transit services, food preferences and more.

a faster cheaper and yes safer way to travel

Red Wing MNSolutions the travel expert who is tasked with planning, implementing and managing your trip is intimately familiar with the places you are visiting and, by definition, is also able to make adjustments and changes to your travel program even when you are on location.  A successful trip is defined as:

Traveling in one direction and not having to retrace your steps for example to board you return flight.

Anchoring your stays in strategic locations along the trip route, conveniently located to local points of interest, minimizing the number of accommodation changes, hence fewer times packing and unpacking as well as lower accommodations and transport costs.

Taking in sites, meals and other planned events in a hub and spoke fashion – again saving time and money – but also an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the places and the people you are visiting.

Strasburg Rail Station

Reduce Travel Times and Costs on Your Next Vacation or Business Trip

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