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Vesuvius and the Golden Mile

Archaeological and Food Experiences

The ancient Romans called d this region of Italy Campania Felix. Then and now, Happy Campania is famed for its ancient ruins, coastal resorts and world renowned culinary traditions. Naples Bay is framed by the Vesuvius, affectionately and fearfully referred to by the local inhabitants as The Monster.

Vesuvius 79 AD Eruption and affected townsThe Golden Mile, the area between the volcano and the sea is one of the most densely populated communities in the world; it is so named for the very fertile orange, lemon and mandarin groves that can be found here as well as the mild climate, the spectacular views of the bay and 122 neoclassical and rococo’ villas that were built in the 18th Century during the Bourbon Dynasty. It was during this period that work began to unearth the ruins of Herculaneum.

Villa CampolietoTrams and Funicolare Services the Golden Mile was also the first in Italy to be serviced by a tram service, later the first dedicated rail service and, after WWII, the first toll highway. In the 19th Century, the top of Mount Vesuvius could be reached via a funicolare service.

The Vesuvius National Park is one of the smallest but most monitored park in Italy; the Observatory, the first volcanology institute and today a museum, was established in 1841.

Villa Campolieto FrescoesArchaeology and Culture Vesuvius, the golden mile and Pompeii are among the most visited sites today as well as historically; Wolfgang Goethe, Charles Dickens and Alexander Dumas were frequent visitors along with Neapolitan and European nobility in what has come to be known as the Grand Tour of Venice Florence Rome and Naples.


melenzaneCulinary Excursions of equal interest are the many food and wine trails featuring a variety of agricultural products rich in silicon, iron, manganese and other organic substances that explain the high quality, flavor and taste of the local products, including olives, the Lacryma Christi doc wines, peppers and cherry tomatoes. Imagine the taste and quality of a locally made pizza!

Experiential Tourism

on the Vesuvius and along the Golden Mile

Naples bay and VesuviusExperiences designed around multiple interests that ensure unique emotions; the traveler participates alongside local cooks, artists, craftsmen, and expert tour guides in activities:

o   rooted in the territory; it can happen only here, and

o   with uniquely local events, including food and wine tastings

o   specifically modified and tailored to your preferences

memorable unique and unrepeatable!

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