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Delaware Valley Food Wine Ale Walk and Bike Trails

Food and Markets

filadelfia PHLCVBThe Philadelphia Culinary Tradition was shaped by several ethnic groups. Cheese steaks and soft pretzels are well known icons of this city and the 1970s saw a restaurant renaissance that is continuing into the 21st century. Food traditions include Pepper Pot, a soup of tripe, meat and vegetables from the Revolutionary War era and Snapper Soup a thick brown turtle soup served with sherry. Cheese steaks, hoagies and roast pork sandwiches have helped Philadelphia become

America’s Best Sandwich City

Cheesesteak sandwiches with picklesThe Classic Hoagie is made built-to-order on a long Italian roll and is typically filled with deli meats and cheeses and finished with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, a sprinkle of oregano and a drizzle of oil and vinegar. Sometimes, they are stuffed with tuna, chicken cutlets and roasted vegetables or topped with punches of flavor like fried long-hots, sautéed greens and artichokes. The best hoagies are made with fresh bread and the best quality provolone, prosciutto, soppressata and roasted peppers.

Wine and Vineyards

Pennsylvania is one of the top grape-growing states and in the top 10 for wine production. Some vineyards are at the highest elevation east of the Rocky Mountains, while others are in the river valleys of the southeast corner of the state.

Craft Beer Trails

Craft BeersThe American Revolution also took place in Philadelphia’s taverns and, through most of the 19th and part of the 20th century, this city was home to over 90 breweries; hence the appellation Cradle of American Libation. The craft beer boom began in the 1980s and helped it regain its reputation as one of the preeminent beer cities in the country and around the world.

Walking Running and Bike Trails

Dock-street-Brewery-J.Fusco-900VPGreater Philadelphia’s Circuit Trails are a vast regional network of hundreds of miles of multi-use trails. The Circuit connects local communities and provides recreational and commuting opportunities.

Delaware River WaterfrontExperiential Tourism for Friends and Families in Pennsylvania

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