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Plug and Process Loads in Hospitality Properties

Hotels Apartments Farmhouses and Villa Rentals

Plug and Process Loads PPLs consume about one third of primary energy in buildings. PPL efficiency has become pertinent in achieving aggressive energy targets. Energy reduction strategies and applications cover a wide variety of electronic, computer, refrigeration and cooking devices, as well as equipment essential to buildings that operate in the hospitality sector in your community. PPL Control Strategies vary by building type:

Turn it off promotes occupant awareness to turn equipment off when not in use, including training, newsletters, emails, signage, videos, reminders, updates and incentive programs.

Advanced Power Strips APSs are similar to conventional power strips that are often used to plug multiple electronic devices into a wall outlet and have built-in technology to save energy when the devices are not in use. APS Technical Specification offers guidance on the APS procurement process and selecting effective APS models. The Better Building Alliance has developed a one-page how-to guide on properly installing APS.

Find out More about Utility incentives for APSs in your Community

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