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American Travels

Business and Vacation Travel Logistics and Itineraries

Turnkey personalized travel services in the USA for families, extended families, theme groups and business travelers that focus on: Historical Tourism, Environment Friendly Destinations and Vacations, Architectural Tours, Food Wine and Brew itineraries, Study Tours, Professional Enrichment, Training and Wellness programs.

Local Tourism Initiatives

Industry and Commerce Itineraries and Personalized Travel Solutions

In the North East Atlantic   Mid-America   US West and  American South


Business and Vacation Travel Logistics Itineraries, anchor locations, hub and spoke travel destinations.

Issue many travelers think they can develop and implement their trip plans via online booking. In our experience, personalized travel services, planning as well as management, provide cost savings and other advantages; the one-page presentation – Smart Trip Planning – provides details.

Objective a collaborative effort to develop local capabilities in destination management, tourism services and environment related projects that focus on water resources, transportation and energy efficiency across the United States.

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