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Verona and the Venetian Villas

Padua Verona and the Riviera del Brenta

Padua is an ancient and distinguished art city. Its history is documented by monuments and artworks of unquestioned value. The XIV Century Scrovegni Chapel with its world famous Giotto frescoes, the Basilica of Sant’Antonio and Prato della Valle, one of Europe’s largest squares with its 88.620 square meters.

Boat Excursion aboard a typical local boat for a mini cruise through the lands of the Doges, between Venice and Padua. View the 18th century villas and opulent retreats of the Venetian nobility along the Brenta set in a splendid verdant landscape. The Burchiello was a Venetian barge used to transport passengers and equipped with a wide wooden cabin; it was used by the richest classes of Venice to reach the city from their villas in the countryside.

The Riviera del Brenta hosted the French and Russian royal families, was favored by Casanova, Galileo, Byron and D’Annunzio, painted by Tiepolo and Canaletto, described by Goethe and Goldoni. Even Napoleon, the Hapsburgs and the Savoys stayed here as well. The Brenta Riviera is a long succession of villas, palaces, and gardens; it was considered a continuation of the Venetian Grand Canal.

Villa Pisani is Renowned for Frescoes Paintings Original Furniture and Coffee House

Verona discover the fascinating city of Romeo and Juliet and visit the Arena. A world historical and cultural heritage city with enchanted painters, poets, travelers and famous characters of all ages. Strolling around the small streets you will be struck by an unexpected harmony of panoramic views of different historical ages: traces of the sumptuous Roman origins, the medieval Scaligeri knight print, the magnificent Renaissance palaces and the imposing fortification that protect the city. Shakespeare’s pen has lent Verona fame and immortality with his tale of two star-crossed lovers, Romeo Montecchi and Juliet Capuleti.

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