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Energy Efficiency Water Conservation and Waste Management

baseline energy and water consumption benchmark performance and best practices

Energy Efficiency is the least expensive solution for simultaneously saving energy, money and creating jobs, lower utility bills, contribute to cleaner air and the protection of human health. Small businesses play a key role in in the national energy economy, as over half the population works in a small business.

Baseline Energy and Water consumption are key to understanding how your property currently uses these resources as well as to benchmark performance, implement energy-saving improvements and engage in best practices in the areas of operations and maintenance, heating and cooling, lighting and the use of office equipment, communications and education, among others.

If Your Energy Operating Costs are Higher than Profit there is Room for Improvement

Small Businesses come in a variety of sizes; 52 percent are home-based while others own or rent commercial building space. Whether you own your building, are a tenant, or work from home, you need lighting, heating, air conditioning, power for equipment, and other energy services. Small business owners are awakening to the potential savings from energy management; 82 percent have already taken at least one step to reduce energy use.

Entrepreneurs local governments and nonprofits achieve financial returns from superior energy management and continuously striving to improve performance. Success is based on regularly assessing energy performance and implementing steps to save money.

Connect with Tema for Energy Water and Waste Solutions

Tema is implementing projects in selected small towns, main streets and historic districts around the United States that focus on tourism, energy efficiency and water conservation in museums, breweries, vineyards/wineries, hotels and other accommodation venues visited by our travel clients.

Participating Local Businesses are provided with a no cost proposal to implement energy savings and water conservation measures.

Ask about Our No Cost Solutions for Your Small Business

The Size and Complexity of the energy efficiency projects your business undertakes is the main factor in deciding who manages project implementation. For something as simple as replacing HVAC filters or replacing incandescent lamps with LEDs, your team can do the work whereas designing and replacing a lighting system will likely require outside expertise and services.

Waste Management manufacturing activities and commercial buildings are responsible for nearly half of the 150 million tons of waste that wind up in incinerators or landfills each year. Tracking waste is an important step in reducing it.

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