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Knowledge Tourism in the Potomac River Valley

Travel and Education Experiences

Discover the rich historic heritage and the sustainability of the Potomac River Valley, Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, Maryland, Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia.
Chesapeake & Delaware Canal from Chesapeake CityProfessional Enrichment Itineraries the Potomac Region is home to great local, state and national institutions and a highly trained workforce in government, the private and nonprofit sectors of the economy that ensure a rewarding experience for your professional development, including In collaboration with local partners, we provide training, work study and other professional enrichment programs:

Fort Washington MapNew Town Centers and Old Established Ones

Community Solar Projects

Neighborhood Farms and Gardens

Eco-friendly and LEED Certified Properties

Watershed Management Projects

Managing nonprofits and public-private partnerships

River Trails A watershed is an area of land where water collects to flow into a river, a lake, or another large body of water; we all live inside a watershed.

River Trails   Geography Community & Climate Change

Coastal & River Waterfronts Resources

Group and Family Travel If you are planning a vacation to the Potomac Region, our team manages a series of eco friendly activities and sustainable travel services for groups and families:

anacostia river watershedWalking, biking, canoeing, horseback riding and more

Annapolis and Chesapeake Bay Boat Tours

Museums, Cultural Attractions & Nightlife

A Day on a Working Farm

Farmers and Arts & Crafts Markets

Unique Culinary Experiences – wineries, breweries and local foods

Our knowledge of this region and our expertise in putting together personalized travel programs for individuals, families and small groups ensure a rewarding experience covering the history, traditions and culture, technological innovations and sustainable development in the Middle Atlantic States.

Chestertown MD River viewExperiential Tourism in the Potomac River Valley

Reduce Travel Times and Costs on Your Vacation or Business Trip

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