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Food and Art

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Impressionism Pointillism, Avant-Garde movements and Pop Art can all contribute to how we envision and consume food through books, articles and documents from museums, public and private institutions, collectors and artists.

the rituals and symbols of food featured in the arts over time

A Journey where works of art, drawings and architectural models, films, objects, documents, books, menus, and album covers that bring to life narratives that place works and images in historical, sociological and anthropological context, reflecting the interwoven aesthetics and design of eating rituals; exhibitions that use a variety of media, from the historical to the contemporary, to portray expression, creativity and communication in all cultures:

a layered and multi-sensorial perspective that looks to developments and solutions that relate to food, ranging from kitchen utensils, the dining table and the picnic, bars and restaurants to changes resulting from travel by road, plane and space. Also, the design and look of buildings dedicated to food production and food rituals;

an exploration of the special bond between the visual arts and food, revealing the rituals and pointing to idiosyncrasies in the experience of eating together;

a program enriched by masterpieces made available by museums, collectors and artists.

The History and Evolution of Food and Nutrition set in a wide-ranging scenario tracing the visual arts and various segments of industrial arts and mass culture, including:

the introduction of new foods in the Western world as shared through past Universal Expositions;

a representation of 1960’s products with the application of mass advertising and packaging;

the uses of new technologies in architecture, design and the art world, and an exploration of new opportunities for analysis and reflection.

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