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The American South

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Experience a journey from the South Atlantic to the Gulf Coast, visit Appalachia and the Mississippi River, enjoy the sights, sounds and the culinary traditions of the Mississippi Regions and southern hospitality in Charlotte, Louisville, Memphis, New Orleans, Savannah and Charleston.  The region is centered around Atlanta which was established in 1837 at the intersection of two railroad lines; rising from the ashes of the Civil War, it became a national center of commerce and international prominence following the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.

Atlanta is the Primary Rail Highway and Air Transport Hub of the American South

Centennial Olympic Park, site of the 1996 Olympic Games, provides a starting point for exploring Atlanta, and surrounding attractions. Zoo Atlanta exhibits more than 200 species from the African plains and Asian forests, including giant Pandas with their twin cubs, the Giraffe Feeding Terrace and one of North America’s largest captive gorilla populations.

Louisville Memphis Nashville Aberdeen Mississippi

Mississippi Delta New Orleans Mobile Atlanta

Touring the American South The US Gulf and South Atlantic City Breaks

Asheville Charlotte Savannah Charleston

Travel with People that Live and Work in the Places You Visit

 In the American South

To Start Please Advise Number of Persons Traveling, Trip Dates and Locations

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