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Coming to America! Destinations Itineraries and Travel Services

As an American who has lived, studied and worked in European and other countries around the world, I feel it is important that visitors to the United States experience a full range of opportunities, from our nation’s capital, to the large ethnic cities of the East Coast and Midwest, Southern hospitality, as well as American Diversity, Western and Native Heritage. I am especially interested in showing off our various cuisines, wineries and breweries along with achievements in our communities, ranging from land conservation management, to renewable energy, historic preservation, local public transit initiatives, water resources management and especially America’s unique entrepreneurial spirit.

Travel Itineraries we have developed several itineraries, ranging in duration from 3 nights and 4 days for our city and country tours, to 7 nights and 8 days for regional programs and 14 nights 15 days for multi -state itineraries. They are designed for groups, families and business travelers ranging in size from 4 to 50 persons.

Coming to America! Destinations Itineraries and Travel Services

Knowledge Tourism

What is Included travel between cities and states that are part of the itinerary, lunches and dinners, accommodations in double occupancy with breakfast, applicable local and state taxes, sightseeing events and local transport services.

What is Excluded evening entertainment and air or other transport to travel program location start and from tour ending location to your final-destination.

Easy for You to Decide and for Us to Manage

Personalized Travel day to day programs and specific events at each location, as well as the sequence of the tour stops, are finalized with your participation after details on family/group composition have been determined to take-into-account client priorities and preferences.

Locally Managed many travelers think they can develop and implement their trip plans via online booking. In our experience, personalized travel services, planning as well as management, provide cost savings and numerous other advantages that leverage locally managed services, an established presence in and knowledge of your destinations, superior client service in the planning stages and throughout your trip, and logistics expertise to reduce travel costs, transport and transfer times.

Experienced Local Operators provide the highest quality destination management services, Tourism assumes uniquely local dimensions wherever you go; the activities that you select irrespective of the length of your stay, are unique of the community and rooted into the local culture and traditions.

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