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Travel Themes for Family and Group Vacations in US Main Streets and Historic Districts

Consider spending your next vacation in Small Town USA Main Streets and Historic Districts

Knowledge Tourism brings together local customs, values and traditions with travel management expertise to increase your knowledge of the places you visit, with:

Itineraries especially designed for your vacationing family or group and visits to:

Museums that disclose the archaeological and historic heritage of a community, leverage conservation and the rediscovery of local culture through the arts, history, literature and architecture, preserve biodiversity and the cultures associated with agricultural, coastal and river communities.

Local Food Wineries and Breweries with local, quality food, wine and beer production. This, in turn, has spawned a demand for nightlife and weekend amenities for local citizens and out of town visitors.

experience a unique local atmosphere in historic and sustainable settings

Public Transport Initiatives itineraries that include major cities with established commuter and regional service as well as communities that are implementing new transit programs; an opportunity to meet with local planners and travel efficiently, safely and affordably across the United States.

Resources and the Environment study the efforts of communities in the forefront of water conservation and other environmentally sustainable practices; meet local stewards of the environment who will explain their policies, programs and best management practices in wastewater and watershed management, land conservation, recycling and energy efficient systems.

Industry and Commerce Itineraries from agriculture and Industry to services and sustainability.

Visit communities transitioning from traditional industrial and commercial activities to technologically innovative ones.

Knowledge Tourism subscribes to the notion that the best way to travel is in the company of people who live and work in the places you visit. So, if you are planning a trip, reach out for a no obligation travel plan.

We look forward to being of service

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