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Cultural Heritage Tours Local Museums disclose the historical and archaeological heritage of a community, leverage conservation and the rediscovery of cultural heritage through the arts, history, archaeology, literature and architecture, preserve biodiversity and rediscover cultures associated with agricultural, coastal and river communities.

Cheyenne WY UP depotLocal Food Wineries and Breweries There are several fascinating examples throughout America of a resurgence in farming that cater to an ever-increasing demand for local, quality and sustainable food, wine and ale consumption in both urban and suburban communities, fueled in part by downtown development and neighborhood construction. This, in turn, has spawned a demand for nightlife and weekend amenities for local citizens and out of town visitors.

ashville restaurantsExperience uniquely local atmospheres in communities where many historical and sustainable attractions are also present

How Does It Work

Quad CitySelect one or more of our US destinations, the period of the year and number of days you wish to travel;

Identify travel themes that interest you – cultural, local food & wine, walking tours;

With this information, Knowledge Tourism develops a comprehensive travel program for your review and approval;

At your request and where feasible, you can also join other travel groups and families;

How Do You Benefit

Louisville 4thStreet LivePersonalized travel programs for friends and families, theme groups as well as travel agents and tour operators.

What is Included travel between cities and states that are part of the itinerary, lunches and dinners, accommodations with breakfast, applicable local and state taxes, sightseeing events and local transport services.

What is Excluded evening entertainment and air or other transport to travel program location start and from tour ending location to your final-destination.

Easy for You to Decide and for Us to Manage

Hambleton Inn St Michaels MDPersonalized Travel day to day programs and specific events at each location, as well as the sequence of the tour stops, are finalized with your participation after details on family/group composition have been determined to take-into-account client priorities and preferences.

Tema develops personalized travel destinations and itineraries based on client interests by leveraging an in-depth knowledge of your destination, superior client service in the planning stages and throughout the trip or event and logistics expertise to reduce accommodations and transport costs as well as transfer times.

Experiential Tourism for Friends and Families

Reduce Travel Times and Costs on Your American Vacation or Business Trip

Shared Mobility Calculator     Intercity Travel Costs     US Trip Planner

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