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The Italy Bread Triangle: Laterza, Matera, Altamura

Food Itineraries in the Apulia and Basilicata Regions of Italy

Altamura street in old townLocated a short distance from each other, between the ravines and the Murgia of Puglia and Basilicata, Laterza, Matera and Altamura are renowned for their bread-making capabilities thanks to the hard wheat harvested and browned in the dry and dry climate of the Murgia and leavened only with mother yeast.

A Bread with a Crispy Crust and a Soft Crumb that Stays Fresh for over a Week

Laterza ApuliaWalk around

the narrow streets of Laterza of the small historical center,

the Sassi di Matera, Europe’s Culture Capital for 2019, and

the altamuran cloisters and the cathedral wanted by Federico II

altamura bread


smell the wood-burning ovens, taste local bread, focaccia, taralli and friselle with the local combinations: meat in the stove in Laterza, peppers cruschi in Matera, extra virgin olive oil and lentils of Altamura where you will also taste the local pastries: Apulia Provincesnuns’ breasts, sighs, mustaccioli and almond cakes.



A Typical Products Lunch in a Sasso Barisano Cave near Matera

Duration: 8 hours

Recommended period: year-round

Includes: guided tour of the traditional ovens, guided walk in the historic centers, lunch in a restaurant in Sassi and sweets tasting in Altamura.

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