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Discovering Wild Orchids in Southern Italy

Nature and Landscape Itineraries in the Apulia Region of Italy

Laterza ApuliaSpring walks to discover the wild Apulian orchids in the countryside of Martina Franca and Crispiano, between Valle d’Itria, Bosco delle Pianelle and Parco Terra delle Gravine, and along the Ostuni coast, in the Parco delle Dune Costiere.

Move along ancient transhumance cattle tracks and trails in the holm-oak and fragment woods, inside blades and ravines, on the fossil dunes along the Ostuni coast. In addition to appreciating its beauty, learn about the delicate ecology of wild orchids and their conservationist importance.

Depending on the territories and the periods, it will be possible to discover up to 35 species of orchids among which, those of greater interest as endemic or localized include, with indication of the flowering period:

Serapias orientalissubsp. apulica (end of March-beginning of April)

Ophrys tarentina (end of March – April)

Ophrys holosericea subsp.apulica (April)

Ophrys holosericea subsp.parvimaculata (April-early May)

Ophrys candica (end of April – first half of May)

Ophrys passionis subsp.passionis (April).

Apulia ProvincesTo these are added: Platanthera chlorantha (mid-May), Roman Dactylorhiza subsp. Roman (late March – early April), Orchis anthropophora (April), Orchis italica (April), Anacamptis coriophora subsp. fragrans (first half of May), Anacamptis hill (late February – early March), Anacamptis morio (April), Anacamptis papilionacea (April), Anacamptis pyramidalis (May), Neotinea lactea (March), Neotinea maculata (second half of April), Neotinea tridentata (late April – first half of May), Barlia robertiana (March), Serapias lingua (April – early May), Serapias parviflora (April – early May), Serapias vomeracea (April – early May), Serapias cordigera (April – beginning of May), Ophrys lutea subsp. lutea (april), Ophrys lutea subsp. minor (April), Ophrys fusca spp. (end of March – first half of April), Ophrys bombyliflora (April), Ophrys tenthredinifera (April), Ophrys apifera (first half of May), Ophrys bertolonii subsp. bertolonii (april), Ophrys sphegodes subsp. sphegodes (april), Ophrys incubacea subsp. incubacea (April), Cephalanthera damasonium (mid May), Epipactis microphylla (second half of May – beginning of June), Limodorum abortivum (May), Neottia nidus-avis (mid May).

 Time and duration: 2.5 hours (half day) or full day (times TBD).

Difficulty: low. The itineraries take place along beaten paths or along roadsides with low vehicular traffic.

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