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Gorgonzola: A Poor People’s Cheese Served at a Banquet for Nobles

legends traditions and culinary experiences for lovers of strongly flavored cheese

Serbelloni MarqueseThe Story in 1820, the Marquise Busca Arconati Visconti, born Serbelloni, instructs her governess Ginevra to invite the most famous food tasters from the major European courts to experience a cheese bearing the name of the village of Gorgonzola in Lombardy where it was created as part of the diet of the poorer classes.

An Invitation from Ginevra is also an Occasion to Visit Milan and Lombardy

pizza apples and gorgonzola cheeseYour host Cristina, playing the part of Ginevra, takes you back two centuries to experience Gorgonzola as it was then, sharing with you Serbelloni family tales and gossip.

Discover the secret origins of Gorgonzola cheese and how it achieved its yummy, smelly fame as well as participate in a special tasting of this uniquely exquisite cheese, accompanied by an assortment of local wines unlikely to disappoint you.


gorgonzola eventThe Program includes:

  • entertainment and sightseeing of the Serbelloni family historic properties; tasting Gorgonzola food specialties with Northern Italian wines with a knowledgeable expert guide;
  • a certificate of attendance given to each participant;
  • photos and videos will be shared on social media.

Useful Information the itinerary includes walking up and down stairways and is not suitable for the lactose-intolerant.

Experiential Tourism with the Traveler as Protagonist

ItalyExperiences designed around multiple interests that ensure unique emotions; the traveler participates alongside local cooks, artists, craftsmen, and expert tour guides in activities:

  • rooted in the territory; it can happen only there, and
  • with uniquely local events, experiments, food and wine tastings
  • specifically modified and tailored to your preferences


memorable unique and unrepeatable!


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