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Morgantown West Virginia

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Morgantown is located just south of the Mason-Dixon Line, 75 miles (121 km) south of Pittsburgh, 208 mi (335 km) north-northwest of Washington, D.C., 204 mi (328 km) east of Columbus and 156 miles (251 km) northeast of Charleston, WV.

downtown morgantownThe History of Morgantown is closely tied to the Anglo-French struggle for this territory. Until the Treaty of Paris in 1763, the area was greatly contested by white settlers and Native Americans, and by British and French soldiers. Several forts were built during this time, including Fort Morgan in 1772 when Zackquill Morgan established a homestead near present-day Fayette Street and University Avenue.wharf-districtThe city is comprised of several neighborhoods that were once independent towns, including: First Ward, Woodburn, South Park, Jerome Park, South Hills, Second Ward, Greenmont, Suncrest, Evansdale, Wiles Hill, Sunnyside, Sabraton, the Mileground, and North Hills. While some of these are in part or entirely outside the city limits, they are still considered part of Morgantown as trolley cars determined how far people lived outside of the city.

Development of the DuPont Ordnance Works during World War II resulted in prefabricated homes being constructed in Suncrest, the names of some streets reflected the community’s participation in various service organizations, such as Civitan, Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary.

In 2000, the White House Millennium Council designated Suncrest as a Millennium Community

woodburn circle uwvSouth Park is across Deckers Creek from downtown Morgantown. Originally farmland, it was one of the first suburbs of Morgantown. In the early 20th century, South Park experienced a housing boom, with wealthy and influential citizens settling there. The neighborhood is designated a historic district by the National Register of Historic Places.

Following World War II, many new families came to Woodburn, attracted by the parkland, closeness to downtown, community atmosphere, and nearby school. In 1950, Tom and Anna Torch opened the Richwood Avenue Confectionery, a corner store and lunch counter that served beer in large Weiss goblets from the Morgantown Glassworks. When they sold the operation in 1963 to Mario and Rose Spina, the establishment was nicknamed Mario’s Fishbowl in honor of the goblets.

morgantown personal rapid transitTransportation Morgantown relies heavily on the Monongahela River for shipping coal and other products. The river is fully navigable from its mouth at the Ohio River in Pittsburgh, past Morgantown upstream to Fairmont Morgantown Lock and Dam, located in the southern part of the city.

Transit Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit PRT most of Morgantown is accessible by the Mountain Line Transit Authority bus system. The Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit PRT system covers 8.65 miles (13.9 km) and has five stations.

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Mobility Management Networks

Customer Centered and Sustainable Transit Solutions

Mobility Networks are community based informal entities designed to deliver services across the spectrum of transit modes and providers, including public transit, private operators, planners and stakeholders to benefit local and regional customers.

OldTownKingStRustyKennedyMTK 3435gw ALT 02 V2a 2100x1496 300 RGBA Mobility Management Network is comprised of members tasked with the integration of available and planned mobility options to increase the capacity of transport systems.

Coordinated Transportation services for commuters, older adults, people with disabilities and lower incomes individuals. Changes in demographics, shifts in land use patterns, and the creation of new and different job markets require new approaches for providing transportation services, particularly for customers with special needs.

Mobility Management Specializes in Individual Customers

713955-lombardia_river_cruiseProjects that focus on short-range planning, training, and managing activities that improve coordination among public transportation and other service providers as well as increase service options that would not otherwise be available for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

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Affiliated Networks are representative of the primary interests of the participants which include public and private transit providers and human service transportation providers that focus on rural transit, seniors and persons with disabilities.

Santa Fe RailroadTell us About Your Community Mobility Management Network

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Geography Community and Climate Change

Thesis Increased urbanization and mass migrations over the last century are key to understanding human factors in climate change; these are best understood by a careful reading of history and geography in your community. Regions of the Earth that are successfully addressing environmental problems should assist other communities, regardless of their location, set an example and provide knowledge and expertise.

Geography as defined by Halford Mackinder, bridges the gap between arts and science; it connects history and culture with the environment. Mankind and not nature initiates activities but nature in large measure controls –Fernand Braudel. Those working in harmony with environmental influences will triumph over those who strive against them – WH Parker. Human nature is motivated by fear, self-interest and honor – Thucydides.

wilkes-barre ViewSustainable Communities are created by addressing resource protection climate change air and water quality human health and well-being

My Community the Washington DC, Potomac River and Middle Atlantic Region of the United States is characterized by a highly educated and knowledgeable citizenry that is very sensitive to environmental issues and is engaged locally and regionally.

Key Issues Affecting Climate Change

Chesapeake watershedurbanization, traffic gridlock, population increases, community migrations

agricultural runoffs from rivers and tributaries into

farming in the outlying Chesapeake region and urban area water quality issues have led to bacteria in the waters, resulting in swimming bans in the bay, rivers and the ocean

budget limitations have led to reduced inspection of watersheds, hence less maintenance and increases in storm water failures allowing tens of thousands of pounds of nutrients to enter the waterways

education there is still a disconnect between the scientific community and the public at large; climate issues are still not part of mainstream thinking and daily life even in socially and economically sophisticated communities.  

Local Solutions to Climate Change

Richmond Historic Canal WalkGovernments at all levels are engineering political solutions:

o   an agreement between EPA and Agricultural Organizations to implement pollution reduction programs aimed at restoring the Bay to health by 2025, and

o   local food production and consumption, a plastic bag tax, green roofs, bike and car sharing programs, light rail and other forms of public transport

Real success in mitigating climate change will be achieved when environmentally sound practices are adopted by local populations; in democratic societies, this can be achieved when small businesses and entrepreneurs join government, nonprofit and volunteer groups in this effort.

Issues are taken more seriously when your lively-hood depends on it. Hence, information, education and training lead to sustainable wealth creation.

Global Solutions to Climate Change

self reliant communities images by EffektAt the dawn of the 20th Century only 14 percent of the world’s population lived in cities; by 2025, 75 percent will be in urban settings. There are already 468 cities with over a million in population; 40 of these cities have more than 10 million residents.

These circumstances lead to continued economic, social, security, environment and climate problems. Increasingly there is a devolution from supranational and national to regional and local institutions to tackle these issues.

The more fortunate communities have an obligation to share their know-how, expertise and experience in climate change; it is in their interest to do so.

Tell us about Your Community and Projects

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Intercity and Local Transport

Micro Transit Services

travel to over 60 towns via 12 routes

MTS Micropolitan Transit is an intercity and local door-to-door mobility service designed to connect air and rail service in large cities with micropolitan areas to benefit time-sensitive business travelers, vacationing families, groups and long-distance commuters. MTR is carried out in collaboration with local and regional partners across the United States.

travel plans – all-inclusive, personalized travel programs at a reduced cost

Gillette WyomingRoute One – Upper Midwest Plains and Rocky Mountains

Minnesota – RWM Red Wing, and Minneapolis St Paul;

South Dakota – ABS Aberdeen, Pierre and  RCS Rapid City; Wyoming – Gillette;

Montana – Billings and BOZ Bozeman.

Riding the Empire Builder   Montana Ranch Vacations Rodeos and Beer Trails   Wyoming Trails  

Route Two – Wyoming Colorado and Nebraska

Wyoming – Gillette. Casper, Jackson and CHE Cheyenne

1908 Laramie

Colorado – Denver; Nebraska – North Platte

Colorado Springs & the Pikes Peak Region  

Downtown Muscatine

Route Three – Nebraska and Iowa

North Platte Lincoln, Omaha, Des Moines and Muscatine

The Platte River

Route Four – Iowa Missouri Kansas and Oklahoma

Des Moines, KCM – Kansas City, Wichita, Oklahoma City and Ardmore 

Missouri River Trails

Main Street Fredericksburg

Route Five – Oklahoma and Texas

Ardmore Grapevine, Austin, Fredericksburg, San Antonio and HOU Houston

Morgan City

Route Six – Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast

HOU Houston, Beaumont, Lake Charles, Jennings, Lafayette,

New Iberia, Morgan City and  NOLA New Orleans

Oxford Mississippi

Route Seven – Lower Mississippi

NOLA New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jackson, Oxford, MEM Memphis, Cape Girardeau

 Lower Mississippi Trails

Cape Girardeau Waterfront

Route Eight – Upper Mississippi

RWM Red Wing, Winona, LAC La Crosse, Dubuque,; GAL Galena, Davenport, Muscatine,

ALT Alton, STL St Louis, Cape Girardeau

 The Illinois Great River Road Itinerary  

Jasper, Indiana

Route Nine – Indiana Kentucky Tennessee

Cape Girardeau, Evansville, Jasper, LKY Louisville, NAS Nashville, Paducah

University of Findlay Old Main

Route Ten – Indiana and Ohio

Jasper, Indianapolis, Wabash, Fort Wayne, Findlay,

COL Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, LKY Louisville

The Wabash & Erie Canal    Ohio River Towns   Ohio River Itineraries 

Route Eleven - Chesapeake and Ohio  

HGT Hagerstown, Morgantown, Wheeling, COL Columbus

Chestnut Hill SEPTA

Route Twelve – Potomac Susquehanna Hudson Delaware Valley

HGT Hagerstown, HBG Harrisburg,  LEV Lehigh Valley, SWF Stewart Airport,

NYC New York City, PHL Philadelphia, BWI Airport

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MTS Terms of Service

 How and When You Pay MTS is via Private Car, Van, Bus, Rail and local transfers and is inclusive of insurance, taxes, tolls, fuel and driver services, city to city and transfers, where applicable. Tips are not included.

Cancellation you may cancel your reservations without penalty at any time prior to trip start. We also reserve the right to cancel and/or modify your travel plans as required depending on weather conditions and other circumstances that are beyond our control.

Payments Tema makes payments to providers at cost, with no mark-ups, for booking third party intercity services. The Circle Payment Service is Free There is no charge to send or receive money and if you send between currencies you see the exchange rate in the app before you send a payment and there are no exchange rate markups or fees.

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Red Wing and the River Towns of Minnesota

River Towns Historic Preservation Skilled Crafts and Manufacturing Traditions

The River Towns of southeast Minnesota are located 60 miles from the Twin Cities. Winona is an arts and cultural center with three major galleries that hold works by Picasso, Van Gogh and Monet that depict lakes, oceans and rivers. The Garvin Heights overlook features panoramic views of the town and Mississippi River Valley.

Red Wing was officially incorporated in 1857. Located in the Mississippi River Valley and flanked by rolling bluffs, the town is a leading manufacturer of leather, pottery and Red Wing Shoes. The town is named for the Native American Chief who first met a US Army Officer in 1805.

Red Wing MNShakea The Man Who Paints Himself Red

Tucked between bluffs and the river Red Wing has many historic Victorian properties and farmhouses, including the St James hotel that dates to the 1880s. It overlooks the Mississippi River near the 1904 Amtrak Depot, home to an art gallery and a visitor center.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation lists Red Wing among its Distinctive Destinations

downtown red wingThe Town’s first settlers built small mills, factories, and workshops. The European immigrants were skilled craftsmen employed in tanneries, shoe-making, farm equipment, bricks, boats and furniture manufacturing. Red Wing Stoneware was founded in 1877; it used clay from the Hay Creek area.

The Aurora Ski Club in Red Wing, founded in 1887, was one of the first ski clubs formed in North America, reflecting the sport interests of the region’s Scandinavian immigrants; the Red Wing Style ski techniques were patterned after the Telemark form.

Red Wing 1860The Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway to New Ulm Experience Old World German heritage through unique architecture, restaurants and shops selling German imports, from chocolates to cuckoo clocks. A traditional Glockenspiel features figures from the town’s history.

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Texas and Oklahoma City and Country Destinations

Historical Tourism Victorian Architecture Cowboys Cowgirls Public Art Trails and Vintage Railroads  

Museum DistrictHouston is the largest city in Texas and the US South as well as America’s fourth-largest. A cosmopolitan destination and home to an energetic arts community, Houston was founded in 1836 near the banks of Buffalo Bayou. The city was named after former General Sam Houston, who was president of the Republic of Texas and commander at the Battle of San Jacinto, 25 miles – 40 km – east of where the city was established.

sxsw crowds on 6th street on Saturday music night.Austin, on the eastern edge of Texas Hill Country, is the state capital, the live music capital of the world, a center for film, home to the University of Texas and Formula 1’s Circuit of the Americas raceway. The city’ parks and lakes are popular for hiking, biking, swimming, boating and other outdoor pursuits as well as a ballet, world-class museums and a unique shopping experience.

Nimitz MuseumHill Country Fredericksburg is one of the earliest German settlements with a district encompassing 40 blocks of buildings dating from the mid-19th century The Admiral Nimitz Museum is a landmark since the late 1800’s when it was the old Nimitz Steamboat Hotel.

Galveston Victorian HomesGalveston is located on Galveston and Pelican Islands on the Gulf Coast It was the main port of the Texas Navy and later served as the capital of Texas During the 19th century it was a commercial center the largest city in Texas and a major port in America. It has six historic districts including the Silk-Stocking District and the East End with 463 buildings the Strand contains Victorian era buildings adapted for use as restaurants antique stores museums and art galleries.

San Antonio MissionsSan Antonio’s rich heritage is best experienced in its 18th century Spanish colonial missions, residential areas dating from the 1860s and the local museums that celebrate the city’s past. The Mission Trail is a walking, biking or driving experience of the five local missions and the centuries of local history and culture. The San Antonio Mission Trail begins at the Alamo and winds southward along a nine-mile stretch of the San Antonio River.

Downtown Dallas Arts DistrictDallas is a relatively young city with a colorful past. In 1839, John Neely Bryan, a lawyer from Tennessee with a taste for adventure, wandered into the area and was impressed with what he believed to be the perfect ingredients for a trading post and eventually a town: plenty of raw land, Indians with whom to do business, and the river. The young city’s can-do spirit helped bring the railroads to the area in the 1870s, the Federal Reserve Bank in 1914, Southern Methodist University in 1915, Love Field Airport in 1927, the Texas Centennial Exposition in 1936 and DFW International Airport in 1973.

Cowboys Cowgirls Wineries Public Art Trails and Vintage Railroads

Main Street, Grapevine, TXGrapevine is a small town located between Dallas and Fort Worth and is home of DFW International Airport, the world’s fourth largest, with nonstop service from more than 200 cities, including over 50 international destinations. Main Street in the historic downtown has a public library, recreation center, antique stores, restaurants, bars, theaters, a park, and many specialty shops. Here, you can also bottle your own wine, explore Historic Nash Farm, the Botanical Gardens and Lake Grapevine.

Fort Worth downtownFort Worth was settled in 1849 as an army outpost along the Trinity River as one of eight forts assigned to protect settlers on the advancing frontier. The cattle industry was king for a generation of people working the Fort Worth leg of the historic Chisholm Trail, which ran from the 1860s to the 1870s when the Texas & Pacific Railway arrived. In the years that followed, oil and aviation brought new wealth throughout the region. The post-war years found Fort Worth capitalizing on its strengths as a transport, business and military center. Cultural pursuits included the development of the city’s internationally acclaimed museum district.

Food Brews and Spirits in Fort Worth you can experience cowboy cuisine, trendy farm-to-table, authentic Mexican and bayou fare. Highlights include beef briskets, pork ribs and locally grown, organic artisan cheeses, alongside nicely paired wines. Artisanal distilleries offer straight bourbon, premium blended whiskey and vodka made from black-eyed peas. Also handcrafted beers, some brewed with milk, honey and sugar, accompanied by live music and local food trucks.

Oklahoma Historical Tourism Victorian Architecture and Cowboy Culture

Guthrie Historic DistrictGuthrie lies along one of the primary corridors into Texas and Mexico and is a four-hour drive from the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The city is in the center of the state, about 32 miles – 51 km – north of Oklahoma City, in the Sandstone Hills region of Oklahoma, known for hills of 250 to 400 feet – 120 m – and oak forests.

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma City unassigned lands urban renaissance oil discovery historic districts and museums. A little over a century ago, Oklahoma City was a grass and timber land of gently rolling hills flattening out into prairie. Today, it sprawls across 625 square miles of America’s heartland and a population of over a million. Oklahoma City’s unique past and bright future can be experienced through its many distinct districts. Check out what to eat, enjoy and experience in each eclectic district. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage museum features one of the most comprehensive collections of Western art in the world; it depicts the rugged spirit and rich influences of cowboy culture.



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Delaware City Chesapeake City and the C&D Canal

The Delaware City Historic District is significant for its architecture, for its beginnings as a planned settlement, and for its importance as a nineteenth century canal-oriented transportation center. The town was envisioned by its backers as a place that would develop into a major shipping and trading point for traffic that passed along this trans-peninsular trade route, and so, its early plans were based on the completion of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.

Chesapeake & Delaware Canal from Chesapeake CityDelaware City is located 14 miles from Wilmington, 40 miles south of Philadelphia and is situated in the eastern central area of New Castle County, strategically located at the eastern terminus of the C&D Canal where it joins the Delaware River.

An important feature of the economy of Delaware City is the expanse of marshland bordering parts of the canal, the river, and the creek that harbors substantial game bird and muskrat populations. Much of the outlying area beyond the marsh is highly productive agricultural land.

eastbound shipChesapeake City was separated into north and south sections when the C&D Canal was built through the middle of the town. The two were connected by a drawbridge until 1942 when that was destroyed by a freighter that struck it. The current bridge opened in 1949. The town contains numerous old homes that have been converted into bed and breakfasts, restaurants and the local historical museum.

The Story of Mobility in America

Maritime Museums in Historic Towns

CD_MapThe Chesapeake & Delaware Canal is 14 miles long, 450 feet wide and 35 feet deep across Maryland and Delaware, connecting the Delaware River with Chesapeake Bay. The C&D Canal is owned and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District. The project office in historic Chesapeake City is also the site of the C&D Canal Museum and Bethel Bridge Lighthouse.

History In the mid-1600s Augustine Herman, a Dutch envoy and mapmaker, observed that two great bodies of water, the Delaware River and Chesapeake Bay, were separated only by a narrow strip of land. Herman proposed that a waterway be built to reduce, by nearly 300 miles, the water routes between Philadelphia and Baltimore. The issue of constructing the waterway was raised again in 1788 by regional business leaders, including Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush.

reedy point sunriseThe US Army Corps of Engineers played a vital role in determining a canal route which opened for business in 1829. Today’s canal is a sea-level, electronically controlled waterway.

The Chesapeake and Delaware Canal is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is designated as a National Historic Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering landmark. The canal is unique as the sole major commercial navigation waterway in the United States built during the early 1800s still in use.

c&d canal museumThe C&D Canal Museum in Chesapeake City provides visitors with a glimpse of the canal’s early days. The steam engines are the oldest of their type in America still on their original foundations.

Connect for Travel to Maryland Delaware and the C&D Canal

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