eServices for Your Business and Local Government

Transit & Tourism

Data in Real-Time a customized display of transportation information for your location, including walking times to nearest stops and transit schedules for trains, subways, rideshare, bus, trolley cars, bikeshare and private services.

Chesapeake & Delaware Canal from Chesapeake CityAccess to Useful Information for Your Workplace and Community

A Place Maker System with local area maps and mobile capabilities that feature entertainment, restaurants, parks, grocery stores and other neighborhood amenities.
Proximity of Services and their schedules is also essential if your building is to retain foot traffic by tenants, guests and community residents.

Energy & Water

Low Cost open-architecture platforms for building automation that provide energy management for HVAC, lighting and plug load controls as well as integration with energy storage, solar PVs and security systems.

A Web Tool that helps building owners evaluate the economics of grid-connected solar photovoltaics and battery storage at commercial sites. The tool identifies the optimal PV and battery system sizes and dispatch strategy to minimize the life cycle cost of energy at a specific site, and estimates the amount of time a PV and battery system can sustain a site’s critical load during a grid outage.

PPL graphEnergy Water Savings and Reduced Peak Demand for Your Building

Customized solutions energy modeling and analysis for Smart Buildings that increase your property’s value, occupancy and leasing rates.
ePlans permits and licenses give users the ability to submit documents, track the review status and make changes. Site users have fast access to permit processes and customers can perform a data search to obtain history and status of permits, request information, file and monitor complaints, schedule or cancel inspections, apply for permits and submit plans.

eco buildingEnhanced Customer Service for Permit and License Applicants

Permit Applications and Plans for electrical and utility permits, fire and alarm protection, new commercial construction, fence and solar permits associated with residential buildings.
Watershed programs reduce storm water runoff that harms waterways by installing green infrastructure such as rain barrels, green roofs, rain gardens, permeable pavers and shade trees; these practices allow rainwater to stay on site and soak into the ground.

for Small Business and Local Government

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