Intercity Transit

Intercity Transit is a service designed to connect larger cities with air and rail service with smaller towns to benefit time-sensitive business travelers, vacationing families and groups as well as long distance commuters; the service is carried out in collaboration with local and regional partners across the Upper Midwest, the South Central, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

Transit Destinations and Reservations

Upper and Lower Midwest, Rocky Mountains, Texas, Louisiana, Lower and Upper Mississippi River Valley, Indiana, Ohio and Mid-Atlantic States with service to smaller towns and larger metro areas.

Intercity and Local Transit Book at least 36 hours in advance of trip start, indicate number of persons traveling, estimated miles and full departure and arrival addresses. If planning a multi city itinerary, please provide intermediate destinations information

in GroupPerson/Mile
5 +$0.40

Terms of Service

bus rapid transit

Intercity Transit is via Private Car, Van, Bus and local transfers and is inclusive of insurance, taxes, tolls, fuel and driver services, city to city and transfers, where applicable. Tips are not included.

Cancellation you may cancel your reservations without penalty at any time prior to trip start.


Via your bank secure online service and USD Coin to payee email

Google Pay email –

Facebook Messenger –

Wire transfer bank coordinates are made available upon request.

At Your Service to Reduce Travel Times and Costs

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