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Build Operate and Transfer Projects

Travel Mobility Services Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation

The Concept a program anchored in communities with a history as hub cities, hence a reliance on connections and collaborations within and among regions, resulting in a national trading platform with economies of scale utilizing historic trade routes and state of the art products and services to the benefit of community commuters, residents and visitors.

The Objective achieve economies of scale pricing in selected communities around the US in the areas of travel, destination management, transit, 5G, energy efficiency and water conservation.

Reduce Transit Times and Travel Cost on Your Next Trip

Travel Plans     Intercity & Local Transport

Ways and Means a build operate and transfer project, unique to each community but connecting participating towns via customer sharing, transit programs, energy management and similar measures.

Participants a team of product and services providers who provide know-how and resources to jump-start projects in collaboration with local partners.

The BOT is established for a set duration – 18 to 24 months, renewable – with transfer to local partners, inclusive of training for local individuals, existing businesses, local government and nonprofits, where applicable.

Client Targets: US and International Vacationers, Business Travelers and Commuters

Connecting air and rail metro hubs with micropolitan communities via

Intercity Multimodal and Local Micro Transit hub and spoke services to

Leverage travel client relationships and engage local product and service providers in:

travel related value-added services    transportation   

 energy efficiency    water conservation

Creating Virtual Hotels and improving Customer Service.

A Team Tasked with Developing Deploying Managing and Marketing Systems and Tools that Benefit Your Community

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Your Travel Plan

The Knowledge Tourism concept brings together local customs, values and traditions with travel management expertise to experience the historic towns trade routes that shaped America. We design and manage Itineraries for vacations, business travels as well as travel agents and tour operators with a focus on: Cultural Heritage and Local Museums, Local Food Wineries and Breweries, Resources Management and the Environment, Industry and Commerce Itineraries.

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, OKHow Does It Work

Tema makes payments to providers at cost, with no mark-ups, for booking accommodations, sightseeing and other event entry fees, as well as lunches and dinners. Alternatively, you can make the payments following our instructions.
A Trip Planning Fee is due and payable at the time you agree to utilize our services to organize and plan your business travel and/or vacation.

A Management Fee is due and payable three days prior to the start of your trip.
Local Transport Fees defined as private car, van, bus service and local taxi transfers are due and payable three days prior to the start of the trip.
Guide Service Fees are due and payable three days prior to the start of the trip.
Fees are a function of number of persons traveling and trip length; you will be appraised of the planning fee as soon as you have provided this information. All other fees will be spelled out in the overall travel plan which includes accommodations and other service providers and costs.

Shared Mobility Calculator     Intercity Travel Costs     US Trip Planner

Fees are inclusive of intercity and local transit costs as well as travel guide services.

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North Lake Tahoe Clear WaterOur Terms of Service

Cancellation Policy you may cancel your accommodations and ground services reservations without penalty at any time prior to trip start. In the event of cancellation, the planning fee is reimbursed; however, all information, contacts, accommodations and other service providers cannot be utilized directly or indirectly by you for purposes of your trip.
Communications you are asked to refrain from imparting instructions to and making changes to any aspect of the travel program with the service providers. All communications before and during the trip will only take place with members of our team that will be brought to your attention. You will appoint one person in the group to communicate with our team regarding all aspects of the travel program.

Experience the Hill CountryHow and When You Pay

Cancellation you may cancel your reservations without penalty at any time prior to trip start.

Payments we make payments to providers at cost, with no mark-ups, to book agreed upon services.

The Circle Payment Service is Free There is no charge to send or receive money and if you send between currencies you see the exchange rate in the app before you send a payment and there are no exchange rate markups or fees.

sxsw crowds on 6th street on Saturday music night. At Your Service to Help Reduce the Time and Cost of Your Next Travel Experience

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Memphis Tennessee and the Mississippi River Museum

Memphis is a city with a rich and eclectic history: Home of the Blues, Birthplace of Rock ’n’ Roll, BBQ Pork Capital of the World. Some of the city’s traditions and milestones include: Graceland, Home of Elvis Presley; the Memphis Zoo; the Indie Memphis Film Festival; Sun Studio; National Civil Rights Museum; the Memphis NBA Grizzlies; Stax Museum of American Soul Music; Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous, Payne’s BBQ and Interstate BBQ; Beale Street; Memphis in May Beale Street Music Festival.

History the city’s history began with the Native Americans who settled on the Fourth Chickasaw Bluff, then onto Hernando De Soto, the Civil War, yellow fever, the blues and rock ‘n’ roll music.
Cotton Row beginning around 1840 riverboats loaded with cotton lined the Memphis riverfront. Through the Civil War and by the turn of the century, Memphis was center stage and cotton was king. By some estimates, over 75% of the nation’s cotton came through the Bluff City. Front Street in Downtown Memphis was nicknamed “Cotton Row” and was the heart of the cotton trade and the center of the Memphis economy for over a century.

Memphis Accolades Infographic-RGBRelive the Days of Cotton Traders and How Cotton changed the History of a Nation

Culture Broadway shows at the historic Orpheum Theatre, and the city’s own professional resident theater. Memphis is also home to a nationally acclaimed professional ballet company, opera and symphony orchestra.

A display of Fine Art, history-making Music and a Celebration of American Heritage and Culture

beale street in the daytimeBeale Street when the blues migrated north from the Delta it found a permanent home in Memphis, and that home is alive and well today on Beale Street. Dance to the many bands and artists that perform in open-air Handy Park or spend a night sliding in and out of any number of nightclubs. Hit the district in May when the city jams with the annual Memphis in May Festival.

The Story of Mobility in America

Maritime Museums in Historic Towns

Know More About It     Arezza    Knowledge Tourism

Mud Island River Park by day, take the monorail, which boasts some of the city’s best views, over to the Mississippi River Museum, where you can check out genuine Civil War garb and gunboat reproductions. By night, catch a live performance at the Amphitheater with the Memphis skyline as your backdrop and the rolling river at your back.

hernando de soto bridgeThe Mississippi River Museum is comprised of 18 galleries that showcase 10,000 years of history in the Lower Mississippi River Valley.  The exhibits detail early inhabitants in the valley to modern day transportation and contain over 5,000 artifacts; including two full size boat replicas which you can board and explore.

Transportation four of the museum’s galleries trace the evolution of transportation on the river from the earliest canoes through the golden age of steamboats and finally to modern diesel towboats. The search for more efficient transportation and the economic impact of river transportation played a vital role in the development of trade routes and the growth of river cities. Examples of the museum’s collection in these galleries are: Boat Building Tools, Boat models including full scale Packet Boat, Cargo, Victorian Furniture, Pilothouse equipment, Towboat Pilot House,

MRM 1Engineering this exhibit details the engineering aspects of the river and the organizations created to maintain them. Example of the museum’s collection in this gallery are: Levee building tools, Sections of concrete and willow mattresses used to stabilize the river banks original bridge plans.

memphis queenThe Memphis Riverboat sightseeing cruises dock at beautiful Beale Street Landing and take you on a 10-mile round-trip voyage aboard the Memphis Queen III.

Connect for Travel to Memphis Tennessee

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Local Micro Transit and Regional Transport

A Local and Regional commuter, business and vacation bus service that provides point-to-point overnight transportation to communities in the United States.

Simple and Affordable All–Inclusive Rates

Strasburg Rail StationThe Service is designed for evening departures and early morning arrivals at centrally located locations in 18 towns, with schedules that benefit:

  • vacation travelers who can maximize sightseeing time and reduce accommodation costs,
  • business travelers that improve productivity by visiting multiple locations in a compressed time frame, and
  • workers and other long-distance commuters coming home from their out of state jobs in a timely and affordable fashion.

GalenaLocal Lines Micro Transit Services designed to provide last mile connections to our Night Line Service customers and other commuters, often working with existing public and private transport services. The focus is on developing new local routes where the community is under served by applying fresh resources, appropriate technologies and related services.

Benefits include the economies of scale generated by collaborations among US communities, a focus on high-end tourism clients, the application of a trade routes approach leading to groups of clients traveling to multiple locations during a business or vacation trip, redundancies generated by multiple areas of focus – logistics, travel services, energy and water related activities.

Reduce Travel Times and Costs on Your Vacations and Business Trips

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