Travel Terms Conditions & Payments

Cancellation Policy you may cancel your accommodations and ground services reservations without penalty at any time prior to trip start. In the event of cancellation, the planning fee is reimbursed; however, all information, contacts, accommodations and other service providers cannot be utilized directly or indirectly by you for purposes of your trip.
Communications the client is asked to refrain from imparting instructions to and making changes to any aspect of the travel program with the service providers. All communications before and during the trip will only take place with members of our team that will be brought to your attention. The client will appoint one person in the group to communicate with our team regarding all aspects of the travel program.
Tema makes payments to providers at cost, with no mark-ups, for booking accommodations, sightseeing and other event entry fees, airline and intercity train service as well as lunches and dinners. Alternatively, the client can make the payments with Tema’s instructions.
A Trip Planning Fee is due and payable at the time the client agrees to utilize Tema’s services to organize and plan the client’s business travel and/or vacation.

To Get Started Tell Us Number of Persons Traveling, Trip Dates and Locations

A Management Fee is due and payable three days prior to client’s trip start.
Local Transport Fees defined as private car, van, bus service and local taxi transfers are due and payable to Tema three days prior to client’s trip start.
Guide Service Fees are due and payable to Tema three days prior to client’s trip start.
The above referenced fees are a function of number of persons traveling and trip length. The client will be appraised of the planning fee on the same day of contact with Tema. All other fees will be spelled out in the overall travel plan which includes accommodations and other service providers and costs.

The Circle Payment Service is Free

There is no charge to send or receive money and if you send between currencies you see the exchange rate in the app before you send a payment and there are no exchange rate markups or fees.

Insured Deposits held in US dollars are FDIC-insured up to $250,000.

Encrypted with two levels of encryption for your account details.

Protected You can set up PIN, fingerprint ID, Face ID (iPhone X) and text verifications.

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